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Q: Can I compete on them?

A: Yes, an increasing number of clubs and promotors in the UK and US have started allowing and running electric classes catering to our bikes. OSET bikes conform to all the necessary regulations for trials events.

Q: Are spare parts available?

A: Yes, Voltage MX stocks a variety of replacement parts and we can quickly ship them to you. Check our parts section for more details.

Q: Can I fit stabilizers to them?

A: Yes, we would suggest that it is better if your child can balance a push bike before introducing them to the concept of a throttle. However there have been OSET pilots as young as 18 months old riding with stabilizers. Standard (14 mm axle) stabilizers are available from most cycle shops.

Q: Where are the bikes made?

A: OSET bikes are designed, engineered and tested in the UK and USA. The bikes are made in our factory in China with full CE approval and strict quality control tests.

Q: How do I charge my bike?

A: Charging instructions for 2012/2013 12.5 and 16.0 Chargers:

  • Be sure all battery connections are properly installed and there is a tight fitting connection from the wires to the battery terminals.
  • Plug into the wall- Light flashes green a few times while it 'sets' then goes to a solid green.
  • Plug into the bike- Light flashes red while charging.
  • Full Charge- Light goes back to solid green. 
  • Remove from bike when as soon as the charger hits green.
  • Disconnect from wall. 

Do not leave charger plugged in for more than 5 hours at a time.

Disconnect the charger as soon as the charger goes from flashing red (charging) to solid green (done charging).

Be careful not to drop or damage charger by miss handling.


Q: Is there a certain way I should charge the battery?

A: OSET Bikes Battery Tech-tips for the 12.5, 16.0, and 20.0 bikes. 

You do not need to charge the batteries for 12 hours at a time. When the charger hits green the bike is charged. Unplug charger when done. It should take a maximum of 4-5 hours to recharge the bike from fully dead.

The OSET charger is designed to charge the batteries in ‘series’ installed on the bike, but we suggest using a battery tender/ maintainer every 5 charges to help keep the batteries at maximum life. We recommend that you use a 12v, 3.5 amp or less, battery tender/maintainer to maintain these batteries. The Genius G3500 is our choice charger in the OSET office to maintain our demo bikes’ batteries. Truly the Optimate 5 is going to be the best, but the Genius is a bit faster for when you are charging multiple batteries in ‘parallel’ out of the bike. See the following links for battery tender options:

These maintainers will last forever and you can use them on any 12v battery. You can charge three and four 12v batteries on 12v, in ‘parallel’ vs. ‘series’ like the batteries are in the bike. See the following video for details on charging in ‘parallel’ vs. in ‘series’.


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